Scrum Master

Full-timeEast Jakarta, East Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


  1. Scrum Process Facilitation:Lead Scrum ceremonies (Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective) to ensure they are well-organized, productive, and time-boxed. Guide the team in effectively using Scrum artifacts such as the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Burndown charts to track progress and make informed decisions.

  2. Team Collaboration:Foster a collaborative and self-organizing team environment that encourages open communication, creativity, and continuous learning. Facilitate effective communication between the development team, Product Owner, and stakeholders to ensure a shared understanding of project goals and priorities.

  3. Removing Impediments:Identify and proactively address obstacles that may hinder the team's progress, working diligently to remove impediments and barriers to the team's success. Collaborate with other Scrum Masters and leadership to address larger organizational impediments that impact multiple teams.

  4. Continuous Improvement:Guide the team in regularly inspecting and adapting their processes through Sprint Retrospectives, identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing actionable changes. Encourage a culture of continuous improvement by fostering experimentation and the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness.

  5. Coach and Mentor:Provide coaching and guidance to the team on Agile principles, practices, and values, helping them understand and apply Scrum effectively. Support the Product Owner in refining and managing the Product Backlog, ensuring that it is well-defined, prioritized, and properly maintained.

  6. Metrics and Reporting:Collaborate with the team to establish relevant metrics and measurements that provide insights into the team's performance and progress. Use metrics to help the team and stakeholders make data-driven decisions and drive improvements.

  7. Stakeholder Management:Work with stakeholders to ensure their requirements and feedback are effectively integrated into the team's work and that they are informed about project progress.

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